Practice Slip Due:


Please look at the frequently asked questions below. If your question is
not here, you can email or call me: or 334-3411 ext. 369.

What do I do if I cannot afford to rent an instrument for my child?

Call or email Mrs. Covill: 334-3411 ext. 369 or I will measure your child to see which size instrument he/she needs. Then, I will go back to my instrument storage and see if I have the appropriate size. Instruments are rented out
on a first-come, first-served basis, provided I have the
appropriate size. School district instruments cost $50 per
semester (non-refundable) to rent.

Where do I go to rent an instrument for my child?

Locally, Atom Heart in Pullman or Keeney Brother’s in Moscow have
great rental programs. They also have the various sizes of
instruments in stock. Both stores can also sell you the book we
need for class.

What else does my child need for orchestra?

All violin and viola students need a shoulder rest and all cello
students need an endpin holder. These can be purchased at the
local music shops.

All LMS orchestra students should have a music binder (1″) with sheet protectors to keep their music organized. Students also need a pencil in class each day.

What day(s) will my child have orchestra?

Please look at the “schedule” link for the days and times your
child will have class.


I saw an instrument for $25 on Amazon. Should I buy it?

NO. I would not buy an instrument on Amazon, ebay or any other site that is not a music instrument website, as it will probably
be of low quality and most likely will not be playable. Usually,
these instruments need major repairs to make them playable, and
you will spend more than what you paid for the instrument. If
you would like to buy an instrument rather than renting one, and
you know what size instrument your child needs, go to either or (Southwest strings and
Shar, respectively.) They are music instrument dealers, and
offer budget level instruments (starting at $125) that will
actually play, as opposed to the instruments you may find on a
site such as Amazon or ebay.


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